December 2020

Addressing Australia’s Lost Conversations Series

Deep Collaboration through Collaboration For Impact recently presented Addressing Australia’s Lost Conversations: A three-part webinar series of conversations about what Australia needs to address to learn new ways of leading together.

To view all three webinars, visit the Resource Hub on the Deep Collaboration site.

Deep Collaboration is created by First Nations and other multicultural Australians, sharing their ideas, experiences and expertise with one goal in mind. That goal is to find a new way to work and lead together. This website describes a way of working that follows the values and steps needed to create this shared leadership.

At its core is an open-source platform that has extensive resources and tools to build skills in working across power, race, and difference whilst in collaboration. This is complemented by training and events. At a time of increasing polarity Deep Collaboration offers a pathway to collaborate for organisations, teams and individuals working on complex challenges, as one enabler of the systemic change required to achieve systemic change on racial equity.

To find out more about Deep Collaboration, visit


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