August 2020

CFI launches Deep Collaboration

Collaboration for Impact is excited to have launched the innovative online platform Deep Collaboration this August – a breakthrough in collaboration between First Nations and other multicultural Australians.

Deep Collaboration is created by First Nations and other multicultural Australians, sharing ideas, experiences and expertise with one goal in mind: to find a new way to work and lead together.  The Deep Collaboration platform is part of Collaboration for Impact’s Platform C – providing free information, tools and steps to create shared leadership in work across race and power and create the conditions for systems change.

Deep Collaboration offers extensive resources and tools to build skills in working across power, race, and difference whilst in collaboration. At a time of increasing polarity, Deep Collaboration offers a pathway to collaborate for organisations, teams, and individuals working on complex challenges, as one enabler towards systemic change on racial equity.

We all know that we can improve our relationships and the way we work and lead together as First Nations and other multicultural Australians. We all know that there have been successes, but there is still much to do together. Deep Collaboration has been developed to assist people in collaborations with First Nations and other multicultural Australians with free online tools and resources. The work of Deep Collaboration has come from decades of experience working in cross-cultural facilitation and leadership development. It is focused on how we can all improved our skills to identify dynamics in the facilitation when we are working across race and power. It is the culmination of years of work collating resources and codifying a process that is focused on finding new ways for First Nations and other multicultural Australians to lead together.

This year we have all witnessed COVID-19 impacting communities around the world and have been reminded of the importance of holding steady to our purpose in the midst of uncertainty. Collaboration For Impact has been holding onto their important purpose of seeing Deep Collaboration come to life in 2020. We’ve been developing, prototyping and refining a way of working and engaging together.


The video below was shown at the launch. Here First Nations practitioners talking about what Deep Collaboration has to offer.



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