CFI is building an influential national movement of people able to change systems by shifting the conditions holding complex challenges in place.

We would love to connect with you (and connect you with others!) if you:

  • Share a vision for a more equitable and inclusive society where people, place and planet thrive
  • Believe collaboration and systems change are needed approaches and skills to achieve this vision
  • Believe communities need to be at the centre of the decisions that affect them.  
  • Believe Australia needs to acknowledge and value the resilience, knowledge, wisdom and teachings of the oldest living culture on the planet. 
  • Are currently (or interested in) taking up systems change leadership and practice in Australia    
  • Are currently (or interested in) advocating for systems change approaches to complex challenges
  • Want to connect and/or team-up with other systems change-makers in order to achieve impactful change.

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CFI is a powerful community of changemakers

By bringing together people who understand or are impacted by systems failures, we will work to shift the conditions that are holding these challenges in place.

We are driven by our vision and our community is aligned in values, brought together by the understanding that systems need to change in order to reach the thriving communities and planet we yearn for.

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