We achieve impact by supporting these leaders to change the way they work so they can go on to change systems and create better lives for the people they serve.

We do this by…

Starting where you are and supporting you to change the way you work by:

  • Moving from programmatic to systemic mindsets and practice
  • Committing to collaboration instead of acting alone
  • Seeing yourself as part of a system & therefore part of the problem AND the solution
  • Understanding how the system is producing and maintaining poor outcomes for people
  • Giving you the tools and techniques to analyse power and work out what is keeping a problem in place.
  • Building skills and confidence to collectively lead systems change
  • Testing and trying what it means to work differently together
  • Moving from a reliance on a single leader to developing a leadership practice

Working with you to change the way the systems work:

  • Building trust and cross-sector leadership structures that allow for shared goals, shared accountability and shared impact
  • Sharing power with citizens as co-leaders co-producers of change
  • Positively changing the way data, information and ideas flow
  • Supporting quick learning and adaptation
  • Aligning policy, funding, leadership and effort behind a shared agenda for change

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