Building Effective Place-Based Collaborations

As a nation we are seeing models of “place-based change” prove more effective in tackling social tough social issues through effective community-led collaborations

As a transformative way of working, place-based change shifts the role of government, other funders and services from “doing policy and programs for, or to, people” towards partnering with, enabling and centring communities in decision making.

Increasingly, governments, philanthropy, service providers and community members are seeking practitioners and leaders equipped with an understanding of:

  • What really is place-based change and what is different about it?
  • What leadership and governance look like in an effective place-based change initiative?
  • How to understand and learn about our impact?
  • How to get started or take the next step from our role in the system to enable place-based collaboration?

This course is for: 

This course is designed for anyone new to the field and practice of place-based change or collaborations. You may be part of a backbone team, policymakers, service providers, funders, and community change makers. This is also of relevance to consultants, advisors, and researchers, of collaborations/ organisations/ systems change initiatives working across different purposes, agendas, interests and with different types of power.

By the end of the course, participants will know & be connected to:

  • The key approaches and terms used in place-based change including community-led change
  • Why collaborative partnerships are an important component of place-based work
  • Some common features and dynamics of collaborative partnerships and governance 
  • How to structure and maintain collaborative partnerships to support place-based change
  • Recent developments and trends in strategic learning, measurement and evaluation to support place-based change

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply a set of practical resources for working in place-based change
  • Recognise the common pitfalls of partnerships in collaborations in place-based change and how to address them
  • See the work through the lens of power and equity

By the close of the course, participants will feel:

  • More confident to shift partnerships from being transactional to relational
  • Connected to a network of place-based collaboration practitioners


This online short course will comprise 2 x half-day sessions & 2 hours of guided online learning. It comprises facilitated online sessions & self-directed learning including videos, readings, and reflective exercises between each session housed on CFI’s online learning management system.

9:30 am to 1:00 pm AEDT

1. Thursday 20 April 2023
2. Friday 21 April 2023


Session 1: Foundations and Key Concepts

In session 1, we unpack key concepts, terms, models and approaches, for effective place-based collaborations. Having a grounding in the language and principles of place-based change you will define, name and reflect on a practice dilemma.

Session 2: Negotiated Learning and Group Inquiry

In session 2, we deepen our examination and learning of place-based change through a focus on our individual contexts and personal learning needs. You will be in the driver’s seat from here on as facilitators wrap resources, people and support around a big question or challenge of your choosing.

How the workshop will be held

Facilitated workshop series & self-directed learning including videos, readings, and reflective exercises between each session housed on our online learning management system.

Accessibility and technology

Participants will be required to download Zoom and Chrome in order to be able to participate. Internet access is required to participate.

We recommend participants use a desktop whilst participating (rather than a mobile phone). We also encourage all participants to use their video throughout the course.

Participants will also be given access to CFIs Learning Management Systems where workshop materials and resources will be made available.


Price per person (+ GST):

Standard $ 800
Not-for-profit $ 690
Group discount (bookings of 3+) $ 590

A 10% discount is available when you purchase 3 or more events (as one purchase) in CFI’s Systems Change Learning Program 2022-23. Please read the Learning Program: Terms and Conditions before purchase.

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For queries, contact

Luke Craven, Policy & Impact Lead at Collaboration for Impact

Luke leads the implementation of the Stronger Places, Stronger People systems change initiative. He is known for developing the System Effects methodology, which is widely used to analyse complex causal relationships in participatory and qualitative data. Luke has held roles as Design Director at the Australian Taxation Office, Lecturer at UNSW Canberra, and Co-Founder of FoodLab Sydney.

Luke is an experienced facilitator of group reflection and learning forums, including supporting government stakeholders to engage in the context of SPSP.

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