Do you want a more inclusive, fairer and sustainable Australia?

Are you interested in taking part in this new festival, invited in and hosted by a local community, holding a national conversation with international relevance.

ChangeFest is a gathering of people intent on making change in their communities through working collaboratively. It’s a dynamic opportunity to learn, plan and collaborate to progress you and your community’s agenda for change.

You are invited to join in a movement determined to change the systems that hold disadvantage and inequality in place, committed to walking alongside and being led by First Nations people as well as responding responsibility to the Ecological Emergency.

Come to ChangeFest and add your voice, your ideas and learn from others. This is exciting emergent and powerful work to put local concerns at the centre of national and international plans.

The next edition is 8-10 June 2021. Palmerston NT is the host location for ChangeFest, led by Palmerston Indigenous Network, Grow Well Live Well and a range of individuals who have been on this journey for the past year.


National convenors: Collaboration for Impact joined by National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, Health Justice Australia, the Institute for Human Security and Social Change, La Trobe University and the Northern Territory Coalition.


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