The Voice to Parliament Referendum Scenarios 2023

The Voice to Parliament Referendum Scenarios 2023 webinar discussion is based on what might be the potential impacts and implications on collaborations that involve First Nations and other Australians, leading up to, and beyond the Voice to Parliament Referendum. In this panel discussion, we will connect with matters of partnerships, collaborations, and reconciliation efforts.

The intention of the webinar is to explore varying outcomes based on the potential Referendum Scenarios, and polling results. It is not intended to be a tool to campaign in favour of any side of the debate, but rather to be a tool for dialogue and shared learning.

This webinar is also an opportunity to get access to tools and learning on how to support conversations about the referendum using future scenarios.

This webinar is:

  • A safe online environment for the exploration of views around the Voice to Parliament Referendum
  • Focused on what might be the conditions impacting reconciliation and collaboration work post-Referendum
  • Supportive of diverse voices and constructive conversations that seek to raise shared understanding and based on mutual respect

This webinar is not about:

  • Convincing people to adopt a position on the Voice to Parliament Referendum
  • Requiring individuals to state their campaign preferences

Who is this webinar for?

Anyone interested in finding better ways to work and lead together, with First Nations and other multicultural Australians including:

  • Those seeking to learn, connect and act collectively for systemic change
  • Leaders responsible for Systems Engagement with First Nations People
  • Those seeking to learn, connect and act collectively for systemic change
  • First Nations practitioners in nation-building, reconciliation facilitation and leadership development
  • Allies for First Nations movements and social justice
  • Supporters for current processes impacting First Nations people, specifically treaties, truth telling and constitutional reform
  • Looking for ways to have conversations about The Voice to Parliament Referendum

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Describe CFI’s position and program of work supporting collaborations leading to and beyond the referendum
  • The “why” CFI is taking up the role to focus on collaborations
  • Raise understanding around the referendum scenarios and outcomes
  • Participate in scenario planning to analyse an issue from multiple perspectives and orientations.
  • Begin to prepare ourselves, individually and collectively, for the Referendum outcome in our daily work in collaborations.

How the workshop will be held

The format for the webinar will allow participants to hear from a variety of panel speakers, have the opportunity to ask questions, and have time to explore their reflections and ideas for action. We hope this format will allow participants to feel brave enough to share their ideas freely in a safe environment.


Participants will be given a document outlining “Collaboration for Impact Identified Referendum Scenarios” to be used to support conversations.

Webinar Documents

The Voice to Parliament Referendum Scenarios 2023 PDF

Creating Spaces for Dialogue: A  guide to having a different conversation about the Voice to Parliament PDF

Length and time commitment

Thursday 14 September 12pm – 1:30pm AEST

Accessibility and technology

Participants will be required to download Zoom in order to be able to participate. Internet access is required to participate.

We recommend participants use a desktop or laptop whilst participating (rather than a mobile phone). We encourage participants to use their videos throughout.

CFI garners a culture of inclusivity and can provide some reasonable adjustments (closed captioning, providing materials beforehand, etc) for participants to attend a virtual workshop.

For queries, contact

Mark Yettica-Paulson

An Indigenous leader from the South East Queensland and North East NSW regions, Mark Yettica-Paulson was formerly the Strategic Business Manager and key presenter for Australians Together’s workshops and presentations. Mark brings decades of wisdom from his career in leadership development and community education across the corporate and government sectors. He has advised organisations such as NAB, the AFL, Medibank Australia, Australia Post and The Foundation for Young Australians.

Mark was the founder and Director of The Yettica Group, specialising in facilitating Indigenous leadership and assisting groups to work better as Indigenous and other Australians. He is also a co-author of "Lost conversations: Finding new ways for black and white Australians to lead together" launched in November 2014.

Moira Were AM

Mayor Moira Were AM brings with her an impressive set of varied skills and experiences, ranging from government to community enterprise, and advocacy on a national level.

Moira is well-connected to the community through many years of involvement with local grassroots community organisations. She was awarded an Order of Australia in 2019 for her services to our community, specifically in the social welfare sphere. Moira is a trained Social Worker and holds a Masters relating to economics and ethics.

Moira is the founder of Chooks SA and the Hen House Cooperative and Co-Founder of Social Enterprise Intermediary Collab4Good where she works with the community to close the gender investment gap.

Rueben Berg

Rueben Berg is a proud Gunditjmara man from Melbourne, Victoria, and is also a proud father of two children, Kalinga and Jirra. Rueben is a representative member of the First People’s Assembly of Victoria, in the Metropolitan region.

Rueben tries to use his skills, enthusiasm and passion in a diverse range of areas, including Aboriginal culture, water, heritage, public speaking and ultimate frisbee.

Anna Powell

Anna Powell is the CEO of Collaboration for Impact. Collaboration for Impact (CFI) works collectively to build the conditions for systemic change in Australia. CFI's focus is on agents of systemic change and their networks to be more impactful including through place-based change and evolving the role of government in Australia.

Anna has extensive leadership experience in strategy, design and co-creating learning systems. She has held senior management roles across the education, community, international development, corporate and education sectors, including with Oxfam and Westpac Foundation. Her practice experience ranges working with and facilitating collaborations between government, place-based change initiative, international aid initiatives, research, social enterprises and philanthropic organisations.

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