Working with Power and Conflict in Collaborations

Power is a valuable resource in any organisation or collaboration. Without it, we have no mandate to act. It is the water we swim in and when worked with openly and productively we can collectively transform systems. More commonly power dynamics are left alone, viewed negatively and personally, often resulting in conflict which stops us from progressing.

Power and conflict play a crucial role in complex challenges. As a leader or facilitator in collaborative change, it is vital to be aware of how you view your own and others power and understand your own and others responses to differences or conflicts. Learning how to work with power and conflict productively will enable you and your collaboration/organisation to identify ways to enable change and tackle complex challenges. The practice you develop in this program will increase your impact by shifting how you navigate power and conflict.

Designed and delivered Liz Skelton – Co-Founder. Collaboration for Impact.

Throughout the workshop series participants will

  • Understand personal and systemic power dynamics
  • Learn how to partner and leverage stakeholders with different power
  • Learn how to diagnose conflict systemically and work with power tensions as they arise
  • How to surface, hold and transform conflict
  • How to create the systemic conditions to work with difference and conflict

Who is it for?

Change agents, Leaders, Managers, Facilitators, funders of collaborations/organisations/systems change initiatives working across different purposes, agendas, interests and power.


3 x 4-hour workshop series & self-directed learning including videos, readings, reflective exercises between each session.

Participants will be required to set aside approximately 1.5 – 2 hours between sessions for personal reflection and pre-reading.


9am – 12pm AEDT

Thursday 25th August
Thursday 1st September
Thursday 8th September


Price per person (+ GST):

Standard $ 800
Not-for-profit $ 690
Group discount (bookings of 3+) $ 600

A 10% discount is available when you purchase 3 or more events in CFI’s Systems Change Learning Program 2021-22. Get in touch for package offers, large group discounts and tailored sessions for your organisation.

For queries, contact

Liz Skelton - Co-Director, Collaboration for Impact

Liz is Director and co-founder of Collaboration for Impact (CFI). CFI builds capacity in systems change and adaptive leadership for social change, systems change and social innovation working with and advising Government, Not for Profit, Community, philanthropy sectors on how to create the conditions for social change. Liz brings unique specialist experience, skills and knowledge in leadership development to building collaborations to enable cross sector stakeholders to change the way their systems work to create positive social change.

With over 25 years’ experience leading social change, Liz began her career leading NGOS’s in Scotland and Australia before co-leading the establishment and growth of a national social leadership learning organisation Social Leadership Australia. As Principal Consultant she spent eight years working with leaders in community, government and businesses across Australia developing the theory and applying the practice of Adaptive Leadership to tackle their toughest challenges. Since 2014 she has been applying the practice of Adaptive Leadership to place and issue-based systems change working with First Nations leaders and other Australians to change their relationship with deep collaboration, extending this innovative practice to communities working collaboratively across Australia to achieve better outcomes.

Liz is an author and teacher of leadership for systems change, and has co-authored two books: "The Australian Leadership Paradox: What it takes to lead in the Lucky Country", with Geoff Aigner, published by Allen & Unwin in 2013, and “Lost conversations: Finding new ways for black and white Australians to lead together” launched in November 2014 co-authored with a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders. Liz is also a Lecturer with UNSW’s Centre for Social Impact's Masters and Graduate Certificate in Social Impact.

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