November 2019

Platform C launches

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Platform C launches to tackle challenging social issues across Australian communities

Platform C is launched by Collaboration for Impact in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Social Services, the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Dusseldorp Forum, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation and Clear Horizon.

Platform C is a unique online program designed to provide changemakers with information and resources on how to tackle complex challenges like poverty, childhood vulnerability, domestic violence, homelessness and discrimination.

SYDNEY: Thursday 7 November 2019 – Collaboration for Impact has today launched Platform C, a first-of-its-kind online resource designed to enable people to tackle complex challenges and create large-scale impact through collaboration around complex social issues like poverty, childhood vulnerability, domestic violence, homelessness and discrimination.

The new and interactive online platform provides free access to critical information, tools, case studies and support which is purpose built to help changemakers shift the conditions that hold complex problems in place. From today, change agents are encouraged to visit Platform C to explore the resources, make use of the assessment tool and put their initiative on the map. 

Co-Founder and Director of Collaboration for Impact, Ms Kerry Graham, said, “If we are ever to become a nation where people, places and country truly thrive, then we need to improve our ability to tackle complex challenges.  We need more people and organisations with the know-how to lead this type of change and we need them fast.  This is where Platform C comes in.  It connects changemakers tackling our most entrenched and resistant challenges, to the best information and support available.”

Platform C is supported by the Paul Ramsay Foundation. Paul Ramsay Foundation’s Chief Capability Officer Jo Taylor said, “Our partnership with Platform C will help us to forge long-term collaborative partnerships that grow capacity and enable long-lasting change.  Platform C will be a valuable tool for the for-purpose sector.”

Ms Graham continued, “Working to tackle complexity is much-needed and rewarding work.  But it is immensely difficult too.  Changemakers often feel like they are swimming against the tide of short-term thinking and silver-bullet solutions.  At times, they can feel isolated and unsure. Platform C aims to help them overcome the isolation and feel more connected, confident and empowered as they connect with like-minded changemakers and initiatives at similar stages of development as their own.

“Across Australia, there is a rapidly growing movement of location-specific and issues-based collaborations tackling complex challenges. Platform C will grow with them.  Platform C will allow them to become more confident in the change processes they are leading, and to share their insights, learnings and successes,” explained Ms Graham.

Platform C is designed for all changemakers addressing complex challenges, whether in community, services, governments at all levels, philanthropy, business and research in any part of Australia.  Platform C is free to access and it will complement Collaboration for Impact’s existing embedded capacity-building work with initiatives that are collaborating to learn how to shift the conditions that hold complex problems in place and to drive large-scale impact.

Platform C will feature at ChangeFest 19, an upcoming conference for community-led, place-based change from 20-22 November in Mount Druitt, Western Sydney.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Dr Fiona McKenzie

M: 0432 922 652


About Platform C:

Platform C provides change-makers with:

  • Access to tools and resources to support the change journey
  • Hot spots map of initiatives across Australia to build community with others facing similar challenges and find others doing this work
  • Access to specialist support and learning opportunities
  • A place where users can store tools, track progress and share case studies about collaborative ways of working together in Australia.

About Collaboration for Impact:

Collaboration for Impact exists to create an Australia that addresses complex challenges, seizes opportunities and produces a more equitable, inclusive and thriving life for all.  Its purpose is to shift the conditions that hold problems in place, and to ensure communities are at the centre of the decisions that affect them.  Collaboration for Impact builds the capacity of people and projects to address complex challenges and create large-scale impact through collaboration.

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About the Paul Ramsay Foundation:

The Paul Ramsay Foundation seeks to identify and partner with individuals, communities and organisations working to create an Australia where people can overcome disadvantage and realise their potential.

The late Paul Ramsay AO established the Foundation in 2006 and, after his death in 2014, left the majority of his estate to continue his philanthropy for generations to come.

His commitment to good works has allowed the Paul Ramsay Foundation to support the for-purpose sector with grants of more than $200 million made since 2016 to more than 70 different partners, committed as we are to achieving lasting change.

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