February 2021

Webinar: Mindfulness for resilience in uncertainty and complexity

Thursday 18 February 1pm-2.30pm AEDT

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Our 2021 CFI learning program kicks off in February with this free webinar. In a world of distractions, maintaining a clear focus and balance in our lives can be a challenge. Research shows that 47% of the time we are mentally off-task, which leads to unproductive multitasking. Start 2021 with space to learn ways to work with rather than against our minds, building the mental micro skills of agility and resilience to set ourselves up for a 2021 – whatever that might bring.

You are invited to our Mindful Performance Session run by the Potential Project, for an engaging and practical session to discover the many benefits of harnessing the potential of the mind including:

  • an increase in the capacity to focus
  • enhanced performance, creativity, and resilience
  • decreased stress
  • greater work/life balance
  • improved well being and happiness

Potential Project will highlight the scientific evidence behind mindfulness and will provide practical, take-away tools for you to use each day to become more mindful.


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