CFI provides one on one and group professional coaching. 

Coaching can be stand-alone or can support you to apply any of the learning provided in the CFI Systems Change Learning Program. All coaching works with the challenges and development areas you identify but can include:

  • Understanding the work and role required to make progress in collaborative systems change
  • Framing, designing and planning systems change work
  • Identifying the dynamics in the system that are challenging and how to respond differently
  • Building reflective practice
  • Problem-solving

The Coaching takes the form of a structured process with each session lasting 90 minutes. To be effective, it requires a commitment to meeting at regular intervals to check in on progress and build on the last session.  As coaches we will:

  1. Be a confidential sounding board
  2. Deeply listen, ask thought-provoking questions and challenge the coachee’s assumptions
  3. Discuss approaches for dealing with difficulties with interpersonal/systemic dynamics as they occur,
  4. Diagnose collaboration roadblocks and enhancers

Coaching options & pricing

1 x 90-minute coaching session:

Individual =$325 +GST

Group/team (up to 5) = $450 +GST

Package of 4 x 90-minute coaching sessions (10% discount on single session rate):

Individual =$1,170 +GST

Group/team (up to 5) = $1,620 +GST

If you would like to book coaching, please fill out the enquiry form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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