Collaboration for Impact is an Australian not-for-profit organisation with a vision for an equitable and inclusive society where people, place and planet thrive.

Our purpose is to build an influential movement of people able to shift conditions holding complex challenges in places. 

Our role is to build capacity in others.

Our focus is on shifting 2 conditions:

  1. Increasing the capacity of change-makers to think and act systemically, through:
  • Our systems change capacity building, consulting and learning offerings
  • Our free online learning platform – Platform C – that makes system change accessible, no matter what role you play or where you live.

2. Building the collaborative capacity required to address Australia’s unreconciled history of colonisation through:

  • Our Deep Collaboration capacity building, consulting and learning offerings
  • Our Deep Collaboration platform created by First Nations and other multicultural Australians – sharing their ideas, experiences and expertise freely to find a new way to work and lead together.
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Why do we do this?

We’ve been building capacity for systems change since 2014.  The reasons we started, still hold true now.

We see that:

  • The challenges facing us as a nation and a planet are becoming increasingly complex
  • Traditional responses do not address complex challenges because they do not change the underlying social, economic, administrative and political conditions which created the challenges in the first place.
  • Complex challenges will not be solved by our current ways of thinking and working

We know that, to solve complex challenges, more of us need to:  

  • understand complexity and learn how to lead and design change in response to it
  • engage broadly with those who have a stake in the challenge as co-learners, co-producers and co-designers of change
  • Learn how to ‘see’ the system and understand the conditions that are holding complex challenges in place
  • learn how to work with relationships, power and mental models as core levers for change
  • agree shared goals and align efforts and resources over the long term to that agenda 
  • engage in continuous, evidence-based learning, improvement and adaptation 

This way of working is called systems change and focuses on:

  • changing relationships between different aspects of the system towards new outcomes and goals. 
  • designing intentional processes to fundamentally alter the components and structures that cause the system to behave in a certain way.  

It is what we do. We build capacity and movements for systems change.

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