We enable people to tackle big problems and create impact through collaboration.

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We exist to create a more equitable and inclusive Australia. We believe in a society that is able to solve complex challenges, seize opportunities and thrive.

For many people and places in Australia, this is more than a vision. It is a destination they are determined to reach.

Our purpose is to enable this by building capacity for systems change – to shift the conditions that hold problems in place, and to ensure communities are at the centre of the decisions that affect them.

We acknowledge the oldest living culture on our planet and honour the leadership of Elders past, present and emerging.

How we help
you learn…

We share our experience and learnings through public events and resources which influence and celebrate collaborative ways of working. We are currently running a webinar serious exploring Collaboration in Challenging Times.

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How we help
you lead…

Supporting you to take up systems leadership.

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How we help
you make impact…

Supporting people and systems to have impact and make the change visible.

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you engage…

Conversations go both ways, reach out so we can connect.

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CFI has shifted our thinking as a community. They guided our strategy and working groups, helped establish early wins and build momentum for change. As change began to happen, CFI led the team on the journey of establishing a measurement system to track progress of our community’s Project. I highly value the work of CFI and their unwavering support.

It is one of the reasons that our Project is moving forward in such a positive way.

Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project for Bourke, CFI Embedded partner since 2014. Kristy Kennedy, Backbone Leader (until May 2018).

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