We are a non-profit organisation
supporting systems change
initiatives across Australia.

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Our vision is for an equitable and inclusive society where people, places and planet thrive

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CFI works in multiple ways to build capacity in people and communities to create large-scale impact.

Learning Partner Support

We partner with communities, governments, and multi-stakeholder collaborations to develop collaborative solutions to their most complex challenges.

We build your capacity to design and deliver systems change so the populations you care about thrive. We specialise in cross-sector collaboration and systemic transformation ranging from weeks to years, and from local to national.

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Systems Change Learning Program & Coaching

We offer Systems Change Learning courses and workshops, as well as individual and team coaching. Our learning programs will develop your skills, thinking and practice needed to tackle complex social challenge.

CFI Coaching provides one-on-one and group sessions which can be linked to our Learning Program.

Learning Program & Coaching

Resources & Tools for Systems Change

CFI has created two online learning platforms – Platform C and Deep Collaboration – which provide open source tools and support to develop the practice of collaboration for systems change.

These have been developed from the expertise of collaborations and partners globally. We also share learnings through webinars, publications and events.

Resources and tools

Our systems change work creates impact in:

  • Community resilience
  • Children experiencing developmental vulnerability
  • Equity for First Nations people
  • Justice and prison reform
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Youth transitions
  • Climate change and energy transitions
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who we are

Who we are at CFI

We are a passionate team located and working Australia-wide. CFI brings highly experienced leadership, a skilled core team, and a diverse, leading-edge Network of practitioners with experience and skills to support systems change initiatives.

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CFI are co-convenors of ChangeFest

ChangeFest is a national celebration of place-based social change which was hosted in the Northern Territory in 2021. CFI is one of four national conveners of ChangeFest and also supported ChangeFest on the Road, a series of smaller events developed with local communities.

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A learning space for people tacking complex challenges through collaboration

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Finding new ways for First Nations and other Multi Cultural Australians to lead together

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