May 2021

CFI Systems Change Learning Program launches

Liz Skelton, CFI Co-Founder & Director, talking about CFI’s new Systems Change Learning program :

Collaboration for Impact is expanding its offering for Systems Change learning with the launch of its new Systems Change Learning Program. This learning program is designed to help grow the skills, thinking and practice needed to tackle complex social challenges so that people, place and communities thrive.

CFI’s new Learning Program builds on a suite of virtual offerings developed in 2020, designed to provide online learning for systems change. The offering has expanded to facilitate a national and international-level program for anyone who is leading, supporting, convening, participating in or funding systems change initiatives.

The Systems Change Learning Program is designed and led by CFI’s network of experienced systems-change practitioners and partners, who bring a strong practice focus as well as theory and frameworks that we collectively use and apply in the field. Themes of the program include how to convene collaborations for systems change; how to apply systems thinking; how to work with power, difference and conflict; and there are intensive workshops on Deep Collaboration which helps find new ways for First Nations and other multicultural Australians to lead together.

CFI’s Systems Change Learning Program, which has been in development for the past 6 months, has 15 offerings available into 2022. Now all communities, practitioners and change-makers will be able to access online learning wherever they may be. The adaptations made to the way we build capacity in the field for systems change during COVID by developing more ways to share and learn virtually are a powerful reminder of what we can achieve together for our communities.

The Systems Change Learning Program is part of CFI’s broader online offering that makes key resources and tools freely available to systems change-makers through its Platform C and Deep Collaboration websites. Collaboration for Impact also provides individual and small team learning opportunities through its Coaching Sessions.

See the full Systems Change Learning Program Calendar 

If you’d like to know more or if you have questions about CFI learning opportunities, please email


CFI co-Founders message

from Liz Skelton and Kerry Graham

We are proud to launch CFI’s inaugural System Changes learning program at the beginning of Reconciliation Week in Australia.  Our work in systems change is always taking place with the backdrop of the ongoing impacts of colonisation.  Some of us don’t have the privilege of choice on whether we focus on addressing these impacts, but many of us do.  Whether we work directly with them or not, it is the water we all swim in and has implicit and explicit influences on all of our systems. 

Working in systems change in Australia requires us to understand the impact and legacy of colonisation in our communities, systems, institutions, culture and ways of working.   We can all take action through small steps to see the impacts, learn, understand, listen, ask questions, challenge, see how we are impacted or impact others,  and use what power and resources we have to influence change.  This doesn’t just happen in one week for Reconciliation Week but every day we have the opportunity in our conversations, collaborations and ways of working.  Reconciliation is an adaptive complex challenge that requires us to keep learning and working systemically to move beyond reconciliation to a more equitable and inclusive Australia. 

This extensive program is designed to build the practice and application of the skills, thinking and ways of working needed to tackle complex social challenges so that people, place and planet thrive. We are offering fantastic opportunities to buy packages of learning for the year ahead. Check below for more details.  

As a network of collaboration and systems change practitioners CFI continues to work across Australia providing capacity building  to systems change initiatives. If you are looking for further support or learning with your initiative, please contact us for an exploratory chat. Email us at or visit our Contact Us page.

All the best,

Kerry Graham, Liz Skelton and the CFI Network


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